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Whole House Re-pipe Services

San Antonio, TX

Commercial & Residential Re-pipe Services

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Professional Whole House Plumbing Re-pipe Services

Multiple leaks in your plumbing lines are an indication that the water lines in your entire plumbing system may be in jeopardy of failing.  Often one pin-hole leak will be followed by another when the cause is the mineral content of the water or the faulty installation or quality of the materials.  When multiple leaks happen, a whole house re-pipe is usually the best solution.

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San Antonio, TX residents can rest easy knowing the Jilly Plumbing 24 hour plumbers will be available when they’re needed.  We serve both commercial and residential customers.

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What is a Whole House Re-pipe?

A whole house plumbing re-pipe is the service of replacing all the water lines in a home with new plumbing lines.  We use PEX tubing to re-pipe water lines in both commercial and residential situations.  PEX allows us to install new water lines with the least cosmetic damage to your home. 

When Do I Need a Whole House Re-pipe?

A common question we answer is “When do I need a whole house re-pipe?”  In short, when your current plumbing system has shown signs of failing, it’s best to take preventative action and replace the water lines.  A pin hole leak is able to dispel thousands of gallons of water into your home in only a short time.  Preventing that flooding before it happens can save you thousands of dollars in damage.


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Common Signs of Needing a Re-pipe

  • Several leaks at the same time
  • Multiple leaks over a short period of time
  • Corrosive build-up on copper water lines that indicates contact with water on the outside of the line
  • Slab leaks of any kind
  • Presence of old lead pipes


How Does a Plumbing Re-pipe Work?

We know the idea of re-piping your home can feel over whelming, so we strive to make the process straight-forward.  In short, here’s what you can expect:

  1. We obtain the necessary city or county permits.
  2. We evaluate the plumbing in your home to locate all water lines that will need to be replaced.
  3. We discuss with you the plan for rerouting the water lines and present you with the available placement options.
  4. We lay the PEX and/or copper water lines and turn off your water to hook up the new lines.
  5. We test the new lines for water tightness.
  6. We arrange for an inspector to verify everything looks great.

Do I Need to Stay in a Hotel During the Re-pipe?

Most customers choose to stay in their home during a whole house repipe.  Our licensed plumbers strive to leave as much of your water working at any one time as possible.  In addition, we make it our goal to always leave a functioning bathroom each evening on a multi-day repipe project.  We also are usually able to complete the kitchen repipe in a single day allowing you to use your kitchen each evening.

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Reliable Whole House Repipe from Jilly Plumbing

San Antonio, TX residents can count on Jilly Plumbing for your plumbing repipe needs.  Our licensed plumbers are skilled in providing reliable plumbing repairs and installations using the best materials and fittings available.

Give us a call to schedule your free repipe estimate today.

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