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Tired of water spots on your dishes?  Don’t want to keep scrubbing away the white mineral build-up on your faucets?  Ready to have a shower door that doesn’t constantly look dirty?  Did you know installing a water softener can help alleviate these detrimental effects of the hard water that San Antonio residents face.  Water softeners remove the hard minerals in water that cause these problems and more.

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What are signs that you need a water softener installed in your San Antonio home?

Homeowners may not realize that some of the cosmetic issues with their plumbing are because of the high mineral content of the water in San Antonio, TX.  However, the water in Texas, and specifically in the Texas Hill Country, is some of the hardest water in the country.  So, how do you know if your water is hard?  Take a look at these common signs of hard water.

  • White “soap” spots on your glasses and other dishes
  • Mineral rings at the water line in your toilet
  • White scale build up on shower heads, faucet heads, and around the faucet base
  • Soap scum build up in bathtubs
  • White scale materials in the bottom of the dishwasher
  • Clothes that feel stiff after washing
  • Even dry skin can be a product of hard water

Water Softener Installation Saves You Money

Did you know that installing a water softener in your home can actually save you money?  The minerals in water, like calcium and magnesium, cause deterioration in your plumbing fixtures and your entire plumbing system.

When homes or businesses don’t utilize a water softener to combat hard water, plumbing fixtures become damaged and need to be repaired or replaced prematurely.  Appliances can also clog or be damaged by hard water.  In fact, copper pipes used for water lines in many homes can become clogged with mineral build-up resulting in reduced water flow. In addition, the pipes can develop pin-hole leaks from these chemical reactions and need to be replaced.

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7 Examples of Money Savings From Water Softener Installation

  1. Water heaters need fewer repairs and experience a longer useful life.
  2. Dish washers maintain water flow and pressure eliminating the need to replace them as frequently
  3. Plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, shower heads, and drain covers stay new looking and avoid damage to the inner workings that would lead to needed repair or replacement costs.
  4. Small appliances, like coffee makers, Keurig machines, or water kettles don’t have mineral build-up requiring cleaning or need to be replaced as often
  5. Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens is quicker with no scale to address, saving you in cleaning supplies or maid services
  6. Clothes don’t become faded and worn from washing and last longer requiring fewer clothing purchases
  7. Biggest Savings: Avoid home re-pipe costs. If the hard water in your home is the culprit of causing pin-hole leaks in your plumbing, utilizing a water softener can help you prevent damage to your plumbing. By removing the minerals from your water before it enters the plumbing water pipes, you prevent holes from developing, and you avoid the cost of needing to repipe your home.

How does installing a water softener in a home work?

Water softeners work through a process called ion-exchange.  This process exchanges the hard minerals in the water for other non-damaging minerals.  As water enter the water softener resin chamber, the water flows over charged resin beads.  The calcium, magnesium and other hard minerals in the water are attracted to the charged beads.  As they are pulled out of the water, these minerals are replaced with other minerals like sodium or potassium from the resin beads.  The “soft” water then flows out of the resin chamber and into the plumbing of the home.  During a recharge cycle, the resin beads release the hard mineral directly into the drainage system and are recharged with “soft” minerals (salts) from a connected brine tank.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Your Texas Hill Country Home?

Installing and using a water softener in your home provides many benefits.  These benefits include

  • Money savings from protecting appliances and plumbing
  • Cosmetic benefits from stain and mineral build-up
  • Easier cleaning resulting in more free time
  • Personal hygiene benefits from soft water
  • Softer, brighter clothes and linens

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Other Water Quality Products for San Antonio Residents

While water softeners offer huge benefits for Texas Hill Country residents, other water quality products may be necessary for an optimal home water experience.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems allow homeowners and companies to have fresh drinking water on tap with the push of a button.

Whole house water filter system

A whole house water filtration system allows sediment, iron and other matter to be removed from the water supply before it enters the water softener or the home’s plumbing.  If your home has its own water well, this may be particularly important for your plumbing system.

Call Jilly Plumbing for Water Softener Installation

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of softer water, give our experienced plumbers a call to schedule your water softener installation.  We’ll help analyze your water, evaluate your water softening needs, and recommend the best product for your home or business.  We also provide repair services for water softeners already installed in your home. 

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