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Why is my water heater not working?

Why is my water heater not working?

When your water heater goes on the blink, you may be wondering “Why is my water heater not working?” You may also want to know if the problem is something you can quickly fix.  Let’s take a look at how you can diagnose if you can take care of the water heater issue yourself or if you need to call in one of our Kerrville area plumbers to help with your water heater repair.

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5 Common Signs of Failing Water Heaters

First, it’s important to know the signs of water heater problems before it’s too late.  These 5 common signs alert you to a failing water heater:

  1. Unit is making unusual sounds and noises
  2. Brown, murky water flowing from faucets
  3. Lukewarm water or no hot water
  4. Low water pressure from hot water faucets
  5. Water leak around the bottom of the unit
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If you begin to experience any of these signs, it can be a signal your water heater needs repairs or even a replacement. 

For example, popping noises are often an indication that the heating elements or the water heater itself has mineral deposits building up and affecting the efficiency of the unit.  When this happens, the unit will not be able to produce the amount of hot water you expect and eventually the heating elements will burn out.  In addition, the minerals can eat through the lining of the water heater from the inside and cause the unit to leak. 

So, while popping noises are nothing to be afraid of, they may need to be investigated.

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Water heater leaks and other plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night.  When they do, our 24 hour plumbers are here to help.

Top 10 Reasons Your Water Heater is Not Working

Once you know your unit isn’t functioning, you’ll wander why your water heater isn’t working.  There are several common reasons why a water heater may need repair or replacement.

  1. Circuit breaker has tripped
  2. Heating elements are burned out
  3. Thermostat is damaged
  4. Thermostats are not set to the same temperature
  5. Anode rod has been “sacrificed” and needs to be replaced
  6. Plug wiring has been damaged in a power surge
  7. Unit is leaking at the relief valve
  8. Water heater is leaking from being rusted out
  9. Gas water heater is not burning gas efficiently
  10. Unit is too small to handle the hot water needs from a bathroom remodel such as adding a garden tub

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Call Jilly Plumbing for Solutions to Why Your Water Heater isn’t Working

If either your tankless water heater or conventional tank water heater show signs of failing, call our professionals at Jilly Plumbing. You can rely on one of our skilled plumbers to come to your home and give you a full diagnostic evaluation. We’ll give you an honest assessment and upfront pricing. Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to remedy your water heater problem. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Most water heaters last on average 10-15 years. Depending on the age of your unit and the severity of the repair issue, we’ll recommend either repairing your water heater or replacing it. If you have an older unit or one that has required multiple repairs, it may be more cost-efficient to replace it. Furthermore, units today use less energy and may save you money in the long run with lower utility bills.

Don’t wait until you find yourself standing in a cold shower! Call Jilly Plumbing at 830-476-2488 for your FREE estimate today. We offer fast, reliable plumbing repair service to the folks in Kerrville, Fredericksburg, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country.

Our Water Heater Services at a Glance

Water Heaters

Keeping your water heater working efficiently is our goal.  With fast, reliable water heater repair you can avoid needing to replace your water heater before necessary.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters are a great way to save money on energy bills.  Our licensed plumbers will install the best unit for your water heating needs.

Conventional Tank Water Heater Installation

Installing the correctly sized tank water heater for your family’s need can make you more comfortable and help you save money on energy bills.

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