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Kerrville Toilet Repair & Installation Services

Toilet Repair Service in Kerrville, TX

We’ve all been there. A toilet that’s backing up or won’t flush. Running water that won’t stop. Leaking around the base of your toilet. If you are experiencing any of these common toilet repair issues, and a plunger can’t solve the problem,  it’s time to call the experts at Jilly Plumbing in Kerrville, TX.

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You Can Count on your Neighborhood Plumber

We’re your neighborhood plumber. Serving all commercial and residential customers in Kerrville, TX and the surrounding area. Whether your toilet needs a simple repair, an entire rebuild on the inner flush mechanisms, or must be replaced, our plumbers have the expertise to get the job done fast.

Toilet tank open with repair tools on the toilet seat.
Replacing the toilet tank flushing mechanisms.

Don’t go it alone. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing toilet repair service. You can rely on us to be there when you need us. Any time, day, or night. Our professional plumbers will come right out and get your toilet up and running in no time.

We Give a FREE Estimate

We’ll give you an honest assessment and upfront pricing. We’ll let you know if it is more cost-effective to repair or replace your toilet. And we’ll help you decide on the best solution for you and your family at an affordable price.

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Water leaving a toilet bowl that is flushing properly after repair.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jilly Plumbing’s quality workmanship is backed by our one-year parts and labor warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So whether you need a toilet repair or you need additional plumbing services like water heater or slab leak repair, we’re the plumbers to call in Kerrville.

Our Toilet Services at a Glance

Toilet Repair

Have a clogged toilet that’s  not flushing properly?  We’ll get the clog removed and the water flowing properly again.

Running Toilet

Toilets waste water and cost you money when they continue to run.  We’ll evaluate the cause and repair the appropriate flushing mechanism.

Leaking Toilet

Do you have water leaking from your toilet?  We’ll find the source of the water and repair the problem.  If it can’t be repaired, we’ll recommend a replacement.

Toilet Installation

Need a new toilet installed?  We recommend Delta and American Standard toilets for durability and easy of repairs down the road.  Call us for your toilet installation.

toilet flushing mechanism parts that may need repair
hand on toilet lever signifying repair for proper flushing
hands inside toilet tank performing a repair
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Our plumbing experts are available to take care of your repair today. They’ll evaluate your problem, provide a solution & upfront price, and then get to work!

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