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Plumbing Leak Detection & Repair

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Professional Water Leak Detection Services

Water damage happens fast.  Even a leak that has just a slow drip can quickly cause damage to your home.  If you suspect a leak, you’ll want to utilize our licensed plumbers to provide reliable leak detection and repair the leak as quickly as possible.

Licensed plumbers available 24 hours a day

Kerrville and Fredericksburg, TX residents can rest easy knowing the Jilly Plumbing 24 hour plumbers will be available when they’re needed.  We serve both commercial and residential customers.

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Two Types of Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing has two types of plumbing lines and either of these lines can develop leaks. 

  • The first type of leaks happens when the water lines bringing fresh water to your home develop a leak. These leaks can be caused from minerals in the Kerrville water, the age of the pipes, material defects, movement in the home’s foundation, and many other factors.  Fresh water line leaks can bring hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water into your home in a short period of time.


  • The second plumbing leak happens in the drain or sewer lines of the home. These leaks can form around showers, tubs, sinks, or simply in the lines themselves.  While these leaks don’t have the potential of bringing water into the home as quickly as water lines, they can be just as damaging.  Sewer and drain leaks carry wastewater that may have pathogens.  When leaks form, the waste water can introduce pathogens that can contaminate your home.

Steps to Prevent Water Damage After You Find a Leak

If you find a leak in your water lines, you’ll want to take some steps to prevent damage to your home until the leak can be repaired.

  1. If the leak is located at a faucet or appliance that has supply lines and shut-off valves, immediately turn off the water at the shut-off valve.
  2. If the leak is behind the walls or in the floor, you’ll need to turn the water off to your whole house.
    • You can find the whole-house shut-off valve close to where the water enters your property from the city water lines.
    • If you have a water softener, you can turn water off to the home at the water softener shut off valve.
    • If your home has well water, you can turn off the water to your home by turning the well pump off.

3.  After you’ve turned off water to the water heater or to the entire home, you’ll want to turn off the breaker to the water heater to prevent damage to the heating elements or the unit itself.

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How Do Plumbers Perform Reliable Leak Detection for Kerrville Residents?

Finding a leak can be a tricky process.  Much of your plumbing system is hidden behind walls or in the foundation.  To perform reliable leak detection, our plumbers will utilize a number of methods.

First, we use our extensive experience to determine where the leak may be originating. Water can wick along walls or under flooring before it can be seen.  This makes finding the leak more difficult for someone who is inexperienced.

Next, we’ll look for ways to pinpoint or detect the leak through non-invasive measures:  removing shower fixtures, baseboard or other appropriate methods that will give us a look beneath the surface.

Finally, we’ll need to expose the pipe to look for the exact source of the leak.  As much as possible we try to prevent cosmetic damage to your home during this process.  We will carefully cut and remove the drywall under cabinets, in closets or other out of the way places as much as possible.

Leak Repair for Kerrville & Fredericksburg Residents

Once the leak has been located, it’s time to get it repaired.  We utilize PEX piping for its durability and flexibility.  With the flexibility of the PEX tubing, water lines can be replaced more easily and with less cosmetic damage to your home.  PEX piping can be run through the attic or through the back of cabinets without signification drywall repairs.  In fact, often much of a whole house repipe can even be done with minimal drywall damage to your home.

Call Jilly Plumbing

Our plumbers are here to help you with all your plumbing needs.  If you suspect a plumbing leak, whether it’s in the water lines or the drain lines, give us a call.  We provide you with upfront pricing before we perform any work.  And we guarantee our work is done right with our one-year parts and labor warranty.  Call now.

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